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I don’t know why but this looks to me like I’m on an operation table receiving surgery from cats


Signal boosting to cat lovers/those wishing to adopt a cat

Lady has been at the Spokane Humane Society since 5/13/2013; nearly a year! She is about 9 years old and was surrendered because her owners didn’t feel like they had enough time for her. At first Lady was Miss Sassy Pants with other cats as well as with people. The longer she has been here the more she has mellowed out, but when Lady started acting lethargic and not sassy at all we knew something was wrong. 

Our Vets looked at her on March 13th and determined that she was diabetic, but they thought it was caught very early and were hopeful that she would be easy to regulate. It took us awhile to get her glucose levels regulated, but now that she is back to her normal self we are hoping to find an adoptive home or rescue to help her stay regulated and find her a place (other than the shelter) to call home.

Nowadays the only time we really see Lady’s attitude come out is when we try to make her do something she doesn’t want to do (like draw blood), though moving her to a new environment might bring out her sassy side once again. Most of the time Lady 
enjoys talking to you, following you, sitting on your lap, and giving you kisses. She also (as you can see in the picture) likes to have a cat tower handy at all times.

If you or anyone you know can step up for Lady please contact SHS. Please, please share this post and help us get Lady into a home!

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Spokane, Washington 99217
Phone (509) 467-5235 

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